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Lloyd is a no code platform that provides a drag and drop interface for building web apps. It is built on top of the Laravel PHP framework and uses the Vue.js JavaScript framework. Lloyd has a wide range of features that make it easy to build web apps without having to write any code. These features include a drag and drop interface, a visual editor, and a wide range of templates and components. The benefits of using Lloyd include the ability to build web apps without writing any code, the ability to customize the look and feel of your app, and the ability to deploy your app to a variety of hosting providers.

Developing Technical Solutions using Lloyd as No Code Development Platform in 2022
Lloyd No Code Features

About this No Code Tool

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Using Lloyd as a No Code Tool in 2023

Lloyd is a great No Code Development Platform because it makes it easy for developers to get started with coding without having to learn a new language or framework. Additionally, Lloyd provides a wide range of features and tools that can be used to create effective and reliable websites and applications.

What is Lloyd?

Let us tell you what Lloyd is and what makes it a unique No Code Internal Tool Builder. 

Lloyd is a No Code Development Platform that makes it easy to create and deploy websites, apps, and other digital projects without any coding. With Lloyd, you can quickly create a website or app with simple drag-and-drop tools, then share it with your friends and colleagues for feedback. Lloyd also provides cloud hosting so you can access your project from anywhere in the world.

Why is this important?

Coding may be necessary for some projects, but not all of them. For example, say you want to build a website but don't have any programming experience or know how to code. With Lloyd's platform, you can still easily create your site by using simple drag-and-drop tools. Then, you can use Lloyd's hosted services to make sure the site always looks great and functions correctly no matter where in the world you are!

Benefits of Lloyd as a No Code Internal Tool Builder

  • Lloyd is a no code development platform that helps you rapidly build responsive and performant web applications.
  • It offers a drag and drop interface for creating web pages, forms, and emails.
  • You can also create custom modules to extend its functionality.
  • Lloyd is free to use for as long as you need it, and you don't have to pay any monthly fees.

How to use Lloyd?

Lloyd is a No Code Development Platform that streamlines the process of developing software. It takes all the hassle out of programming, and allows anyone to build sophisticated applications with little or no experience in coding.

How does Lloyd work?

First, you sign up for an account on Lloyd. This will allow you to create projects and manage your resources (such as files, tools, etc.). Then, you select a project from among the many available templates. The templates provide basic instructions and pre-made code samples so that you can get started quickly. Once you have completed the template instructions, it's time to start coding!

Lloyd makes coding easy by providing blocks of code that are ready-to-use. Simply copy and paste these blocks into your program file, and then hit "Build". That's it - your application is now live! 

What are some benefits of using Lloyd? 

There are several advantages to using Lloyd over traditional programming methods: 

  1. Simplicity - Unlike traditional programming methods which require extensive knowledge in computer science concepts such as algorithms, data structures, etc., Lloyds platform provides simplified blocks of code that make development quick and painless for beginners..  2) Flexibility - With Lloydz versatile block format,.you're able to edit existing blocks or create new ones without having to learn any specific language syntaxes.. 3) Robustness - Every block is tested before being released onto the platform,, ensuring
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Lloyd No Code Features

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